Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Act - Fighting Pitbulls, Kicking Ass & Breaking Bones!

Street artist Random Act is one of the most peaceful, spiritualistic people we know.  Ironically enough,  she is also the only person we know right now with a broken hand for getting in a fight.  Her claim to fame is that she kicked a pit bull's ass!

What happened is that Random Act owns a lovable and feisty 6 pound dog named Buckley.  Buckley was tortured and abused by its first owners, and with a story that should inspire animal lovers everywhere, Random Act initially confronted the owners about the abuse.  She eventually contacted the authorities, and then, one night out of the blue the abusive owners showed up at here door saying they could not take care of the dog and so Random Act started taking care of it.

Even though this poor little dog was only 6 pounds, it brought with it a mountain of baggage from the abuse.  Once Buckley started living with Random Act, the dog did mellow out quite a bit and he has a lovably engaging personality.  However, even though Buckley loved and flourished in his new home, he was still angry with the rest of the world for the abuse he had gone through.  Buckley might be 6 pounds but he has teeth and he is not afraid to use them, on people or pets (After we were friends, Buckley even nipped the heel of Greg from M&F's shoe!).

Well, one morning Buckley ran out of Random Acts house at 5 in the morning, where an unfortunate and otherwise well-behaved pit bull was walking on leash.  Buckley went straight for the pit bull and started a fight.  Buckley did get a few bites in on the bigger dog before he ended up clamped in the larger dog's mouth.  Worried for the life of her companion, Random Act forgot about her safety and jumped into the fray.  She personally fought the pit bull so hard that she broke her hand in two places during the battle.  The good news is that Random Act did manage to free Buckley from the pit bull and Buckley is alright.  He survived, and hopefully is a bit wiser for the experience.  Buckley did earn an emergency hospital visit with some deep puncture wounds from the pit bulls bites, but the wounds have mostly healed and he has almost made a full recovery by now.

Its a pretty cool story to say that you got in a fist fight with a pit bull--and won!  However, Random Act is still stuck with a broken healing hand--and it is her right hand which is her painting hand!  The recovery process is slow.  She is now onto her 2nd cast, and will probably be in a splint for another month or more.  However, Random Act takes a lot of pride in 'redeeming' the bad parts in life, and making them good.  She has done just that by taking her broken arm, and turning the cast into a work of art.

This is a beautiful piece of art on Random Act's arm.  Enjoy the pics of her cast.

Stay up and keep kicking ass!

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  1. beautiful cast!! hope your hand gets better and you're back in action soon.