Friday, January 25, 2013

J&J - A Street Art Sticker Collecting Romance

Meet J&J.

J&J are two young lovers are in love, and what they love to do is roam the streets of Los Angeles collecting street stickers for their black books.

Some people might think that it is wrong taking art home from the streets.  Some artists don't like when their art is taken down, while others view it as a compliment and feel that the collecting will grant the temporary street art a longer life span.  M&F's official stance has always maintained that if art collecting is done out of appreciation for the work and doesn't abuse the streets, then it is okay and can be a good thing.

J&J definitely have a palpable passion for sticker collecting.  They say they have books and books at home.  When asked who their favorite artist to get is, they said that Neckface is tops, and that they have 7 stickers from him already.

Click the jump for more pics of the current harvest of stickers from J&J


  1. Once it's on the street, it's no longer yours.

  2. Theft is the greatest compliment.
    -Hugh Brisman

  3. take a sticker here and there- cool... 7 from the same artist?? LAME. Take a picture lil dude.