Friday, January 25, 2013

Chod Explains Life Systems & Sex

Chod has a unique image of the face of an ape which he often pairs with the tag line 'None of this is real'.  It is a powerful image, but also a vague one.  What does it mean?

Well, Chod offers some insight into the motivations behind the relevance of the images he uses, and what his goal for using them is.  In doing so, Chod explains life systems and sex.  Bet this girl really wanted to act primal and have some sex and instead deflected it by driving off in her Range Rover.

Read the Chod's own description of his experience, life, sex, and art below:

A girl came out of the coffee shop Insomnia, which this box is directly in front of, while I was doing this one and asked me what the significance of the chimp was. I told her all of the stuff I do is about the systems we've created as human beings that control our lives (money, religion, politics, etc.) and if we could just acknowledge that we created these systems, that they haven't been here since the dawn of time, then we might be able to to be rid of/free from them. She then said, "Yeah, like sex." I explained to her that sex is possibly the only thing we didn't create, the only natural thing left from the time before we made all of these systems. She laughed at me, told me I was stupid and drove away in her Range Rover.

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  1. " She laughed at me, told me I was stupid and drove away in her Range Rover." Keep fueling CHODS fire sweetheart, comments like that are probably what fuels this artists creativity and motivation. I don't know him from "adam", but his commentary in association with his pieces provides a visceral insight to structured and prefabricated behavior in our world. To CHOD I simply say Thank You

    To quote M+F, "Stay Up"!!! Mohamed S.