Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lance Armstrong Street Piece by Plastic Jesus Goes Viral!

The street stencil by Plastic Jesus of Lance Armstrong has been blowing up on the internet, and it has gone viral like the flu!  The initial story first broke exclusively on M&F, and you can see the original post HERE.

The piece has since been picked up and blasted out by LA Times, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail & The Sun (two of the biggest newspapers in the UK), Yahoo, KTLA, and LA Weekly.

It has even got so big that Plastic Jesus got a feature piece done by CNN.  It is a very cool story with some juicy info about the artist, and M&F got to contribute a few lines.  You can check out the CNN article on Plastic Jesus HERE.

Big ups to Plastic Jesus for coming out with a relevant hard hitting piece, and huge congrats on the subsequent hype.

Stay up!

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