Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad and Religious - Ads not Art?

Music has deep roots in promotional street advertising.  Music flyers were unofficial street art before there was such a thing as street art.

So M&F always tries to welcome and pay respect to the many music bands who are hustlin' and getting up on the streets.

With that said, there does seem to be a difference between band's no one has heard of trying to make a name, as opposed to big label bands with major corporate backing bringing a campaign to the streets.

Well, there has been a recent wheat paste campaign in Los Angeles that appeared to be from an artist as it was put up unsigned around town.  It turns out that the pieces were not straight street art, but a street campaign for big name band 'Bad Religion'.  The secret was revealed when M&F Contributor RS70 spotted a billboard with the same imagery as the street campaign riding in Los Angeles.

Thoughts?  Is there any difference between up & coming bands vs. big label band's getting up on the streets?  Should bands even be getting up?


  1. Bands have just as much right to the streets as anyone else does.

  2. I see band stickers all the time around the city and I enjoy them. but when a famous band (just like a large company) hires somebody for a street team, not unlike shepard fairy's street team, it removes that large portion of what would have made it 'good art'
    that being said...anything labeled 'art' is art, and who the F am i to tell anyone what's good, and what Not to do?