Saturday, January 26, 2013

Livin in LA - Vacation in Venice Beach!

M&F makes a return visit to Venice Beach,  one of our favorite LA vacation spots.

The place has such a great vibe and culture, and the street art and graffiti scenes are some of the most active in Los Angeles, often with visiting artists from all over the world.

You never know what is going to happen in Venice Beach, and even though M&F visited our favorite and familiar haunts, Venice still has a way of making things new and exciting.  On this day, team M&F happened to bump into a friend from the Hollywood area who we didn't even know lived in Venice, let alone lives right on the beach.  So we got to explore some beach front living--it is a great way to live in LA!

Check out the pics of M&F latest day-long vacation in Venice Beach below

^This awesome 'Touch of Venice' mural from graffiti artist Never has become a landmark in Venice.

^It was a strange day with strange lighting on a January day at Venice Beach.

^Lotsa bike riding around the Venice beach trails.

^A view of the Venice Boardwalk, looking back towards the shops from the beach.

^More biking

^A freshly groomed and nearly empty beach thanks to a cloudy day.

^Check it out--this is the view from our friend's house.  With clear views of a couple of iconic Venice Beach murals, and the beach itself.

Even though this day was cloudy, this friend assures us that the sunsets can be spectacular.

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