Thursday, March 28, 2013

Its Official - None of This is Real

Chod slams Melrose with some fresh new official looking street signs.

The are some of the most authentic looking street art signs that have gone up on LA's streets.  Notice in the close up shots how these are printed on reflective material.  And Chod also used screws without a head, like the ones the city uses on signs, in order to grant these signs a longer running life span.

Its on an official looking sign now, so it is fully official:  None of this is Real~


  1. Fuck yeah mr. Chod. I'm gonna take one of those when I see it and hang it in my office. I won't feel bad about it because I love it and I want it and because it'll last forever if I can get my hands on it.

    Is that wrong? I know most people do it when they can.

    You guys need to comment more. Everyone. M&f has eliminated most of the hate on here and I know people check the blog so why are we not talking more with each other?


  2. I personally don't think it's wrong at all. Once art is put in the street it doesn't belong to the artist anymore. That's part of what makes street art so interesting to me. The art is displayed in public spaces so anyone who sees it is forced to interact with it. That interaction can be anything from a person just seeing the piece and wondering what it means or where it came from to the city removing it to somene liking it enough to take it to someone defacing it or any number of other reactions. For me, these interactions are a part of the art itself.

    I fully support as many people as possible interacting with street art in any way they feel compelled to and I hope you ended up getting one of the signs. The initial installation included 12 signs and they were all gone within 48 hours. If you didn't get one, keep an eye out... there may be some more coming.