Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Carlsbad Village Art Wall

It could be said for a lot of street artists, that doing street art is a love affair with the city.  This is true for Snyder in his hometown of Carlsbad, but for Snyder, he extends that even farther.  For Snyder, doing street art is a love affair with the community.

Snyder doesn't just leave his art in the community for people to enjoy, but time and time again Snyder uses his art to engage people in the community, and even get people doing art.

This is one of Snyder's passion projects tentatively entitled 'The Carlsbad Village Art Wall'.  Snyder intends for it to be a community wall where everyone can make art.  As an added bonus, and to make it appealing perhaps even to LA artists, the location of the Carlsbad Village Art Wall is situated so that it gets seen by freeway traffic on the 5, as well as the train traffic from the nearby tracks.  Awesome visibility.

To make the wall happen, Snyder not only had to get permission, but Snyder also built a platform for artists to stand on so that the art will get seen from the freeway.  And, to make sure that there are no problems within the community, Snyder has visited all the nearby businesses and let them know that if any of the art spills over onto their property, that he will personally take care of it.

Impressive.  Snyder is trying to make the community better and in every way he is putting his reputation where his art is.

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