Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sidewalk Pasted

Dig the image, but sidewalk pastes never last very long, unless you take special precautions.

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  1. Yea but I saw chods piece the other day and it is starting to peel where the sidewalk cracks are. Needs some serious poly or resin added to it. Maybe collab with Lego he uses that resin like no tomorrow.


    Hey m&f....the time it takes to prove I'm not a robot is really awful. Can you guys come up with a better system? I'm all for monitoring the comments to keep the hate out and protect identities and whatever other reasons you do it but sheesh. Also when one comments its got this weird thing where you have to push DONE and then go back and forth to retype anything and it takes forever. Anyway you could maybe upgrade the comment ability? I just think we would have a lot more comments if it wasn't such an annoying process. And you guys spend so much time documenting the streets for us id love to see more community feedback and engaging conversation.