Friday, March 22, 2013

Snyder Always Has a Story

One of the coolest things about traveling around Snyder's hometown of Carlsbad with the artist is that you don't just see the art--you hear the story.

Snyder always has a story, and this one was entertaining.  This image features one of Snyder's favorites featuring a local Carlsbad homeless man, Same Ol'.  The story is that one of these multi-million dollar homes was built years ago by the founder of Airwalk shoes.  The Airwalk guy, after seeing Same Ol' hanging around drinking on the beach, hired him to do night security during construction at his beach house.  Snyder laughs when he says it was quite a scene to see Same Ol' perched up on the balcony, playing guitar, drinking, and singing like a king.

Same Ol' has since passed away.  But thanks to Snyder, his image and his presence still rocks out, and his presence is still felt on Carlsbad Beach.

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