Thursday, March 28, 2013

Surfing Street Art

M&F just got sent this interesting story about street art capturing some major pro-surf drama.

The story behind the piece begins at the end of last years tour, but really comes to life during the first contest of the 2013 tour when Slater and Joel Parkinson battled in the final heat for the competition title. While Parko was in a barrel and potentially earning a score at the end of the final heat to secure the win, Slater used his awarded priority and dropped in on the wave forcing Joel to pull out moments after giving Slater the bird, ultimately earning Slater the needed score to make a last minute comeback and win the first contest of the 2013 tour. Click the jump to see how this drama turned into street art.

Dig it.  Spotted along the coast at a surf spot near San Diego.

***Thanks to Ed for sending in the story and pics!***