Thursday, March 28, 2013

Without VFX Artists, There is No Hollywood

Another new piece from Plastic Jesus.

This one is meant to show solidarity with Teacher's recent gigantic custom ebox, and both pieces are designed to show support for the VFX Solidarity movement.  The VFX people are the folks who make all the visual effects happen in movies.

This new piece from Plastic Jesus states that 'No VFS, No Hollywood'.

Capping over a sidewalk billboard adverstisement for the new GI Joe movie, which undoubtedly uses a grip of green screen action.

Dig it.  Stay Up and Stay special with those effects~


  1. LOVE this!!! way to show support Plastic Jesus! it'd be nice to see more street artists support fellow artists who do VFX work. a few of my friends lost their jobs and these guys need all the support they can get.


  2. PJ you are the shit! Love it all. So I say this constructively....if you're gonna get compared to gotta do it with precision brother. That concept was spot on but you shoulda done the whole billboard. The piece was a little smaller than it shoulda been. Stay up! Looking forward to your next projects.