Friday, November 1, 2013

A Return Visit To BanksyNY's Bubble Letter Finale

The last piece from Banksy was so packed with drama and excitement that it is worth a return visit to Banksy's Balloon Bubble Letter Throw-Up.  This piece was the finale to his month long show.

Basically, what is happening in all these pictures is that some dudes used ladders to climb the building and snag Banksy's balloon bubble letters. As they jumped off, the balloon dudes got physically assaulted by 2 Banksy Hunters. The police witnessed the entire thing, and they arrested the two balloon dudes for trespass and criminal mischief. The two Banksy Hunters who assaulted the dudes were not arrested. But later, the police also arrested a couple more photo people who supposedly got in the way of the NYPD performing its duties. What duties? Well, like fat balloon butt cops trying to figure out how to cram Banksy's Balloons into the back of a police van. And then there's some pics of people improvising after Banksy's balloons were taken.

So that's the story behind the madness. 

Click the jump through to check the pictures of Banksy's New York finale

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  1. I'd rather have that Adek or Lewy throwie. No question.