Monday, November 4, 2013

NEVER Stop Dreaming

Plastic Jesus hit Melrose with this improvised stop sign saying 'Never Stop Dreaming'.

Then, the stop sign got completely tagged over by someone who didn't share the dream saying 'Fuck That'. In addition to an onslaught of supportive stickers.

Well, the dream never dies. Never stop dreaming, because the sign is back. Not sure if it was the buffman who buffed the tags and stickers off, but the sign is back and the dream is alive. Never stop dreaming!


  1. good to see bankrupt slut still riding :-)

    Mohamed S.

  2. Ahahahhaha that nigga straight buffed his own sign Hahaha weenie ass nigga what did he think would happen if he puts a sign up hahahha street art is completely different from graffiti. People got it all mixed up nowadays. Art is completely different. Graffiti is vandalism point blank.