Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Confessional

(Only a few weeks old but Banksy's New York residency already feels like forever ago. Here is another classic flashback--this one featuring Banksy's Confessional. Note--these pictures were all captured before the Confessional was altered. Enjoy!--and fuck church!)

Religion is such a back-asswards way to live your life.  Growing up, M&F used to be forced to go to church every single Sunday.  And the preacher told us that the closer your sin was to Sunday, the greater the severity of that sin. So, don't know about you but M&F plans to sin big today on Sunday to score some big points in heaven. Highest score wins?

Fuck the churchgoers.  For all you true-to-heart street art-goers, here is a Sunday sampling of Banksy's Concrete Confessional.

Stay up and keep sinning!

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  1. What the hell did religion ever do to you? I understand the contrasting views and I understand religious people/organizations have done some bad things, but "fuck the churchgoers." Seriously? The anti-religious vitriol is just tired.