Friday, November 1, 2013

RTH - Cocky

The RTH Crew gets painted in South Los Angeles.

The post is titled 'Cocky' because a proud looking rooster and his hens were strutting around this spot during the painting.

RTH also has reason to be cocky, being one of the first graffiti crews to embrace all methods of getting up, even pasters. Like here, where Kiosk to the left has a graffiti piece riding and pasters next to it on the cut away.

With more action from Branded, Rekoil, Lukas and Realm.


  1. Welcome back to the streets of LA M&F!

  2. Sad but true. But it is a little refreshing for me. The excitement and hype and thrill are gone. The quality(yes I know I like bubblegum pop street art like banksy) isnt going to be as good. Conceptual craft will be missed. Nonetheless, it is nice to be home. Like returning back from vacation and all of a sudden having that crazy feeling of being glad to be on the 101 fwy at midnight. The lure of vacation, telling myself I never wanted to go back home, is eventually finally over. Reluctantly going to the airport, thinking how could I leave?! And you do. Back home. Only to arrive and feel a sense of peace.

    I only reside here. 7 years down, 3 more to go. You LA people are so loyal to your city. But I can understand and appreciate that. What would LA be without the prideful folks that love it like its the only place in the world to be. So Even as a visitor, it's good to be home....