Friday, November 1, 2013

Banksy's Not Done Yet!?! -- Rats in NYC

October is officially over. And all of the street art lovers officially have a Banksy hangover. M&F is already suffering from BanksyNY withdrawal.

Perhaps the fans aren't the only ones to see Banksy's New York residency come to an end. Maybe Banksy is also already nostalgic.

The IG account Banksy_co_uk just posted this photo of a rat saying "No rats this time in NYC, but here's an oldie". This might actually be from Banksy, since this IG account was often the initial outlet to publish Banksy's new pieces for the day.

So no rats this time. Banksy clearly wanted to distance himself from the rats, and his monkeys. However, it seems that Banksy enjoyed his time on the streets so much, that he doesn't want to fun to end either. November artist residency, Banksy?

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  1. Here's hoping he makes the trip to Los Angeles and does it all over again. Seriously suffering withdrawals right now. Thanks M&F for keeping us up on all the behind-the-scenes and interactions that the news wouldn't touch. It was a great perspective on the whole NYC event. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO.