Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Return Visit to Banksy's Crazy Horse

***Here is another Banksy feature that was written during Better Out Than In, but not posted til now. Enjoy~***

This piece by Banksy seems to be an aesthetic favorite among the fans

And it has ridden for days without being damaged or defaced.  Even though the surrounding chain link fence is easy enough to hop, it seems enough to keep the toys and Omar's away.

Here is a return visit to Banksy's Wild Horses. This piece seems to be more about appreciating the art than interacting with it.  Click the jump to check out more pics, including night time shots.


  1. Well, that didn't last long did it!

    Funny to think some little retards in the l.e.s. Have a banksy car door sitting in their studio apartment.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, was that the best thing that was stolen where someone actually got away with it? I'm excluding the things the art galleries took, like the rest of this piece and the sphinx. Just regular people and what they got away with.....was it this door?

    Those little douches that took the banksy balloon on the last day where, and still are, even after their interviews after arrest, trying to maintain that their attempt at taking the piece was to put it In a museum! Ha. They need a better defense. They also need to shut up without an attorney! And, they need to realize the photos they posted the night before bragging that they stole the sirens animals discredits their current defense about museuming the thing. Anyway, glad they got caught, hope they get a charge, but it's doubtful. Not gonna stand up in court I don't think. In reality, I think it's funny and part of the game of the streets but just cause I think they're stupid I hope they stay in trouble.

    Anyway, where the hell did all the commenters go on this site? The dialogue has gone down hill in the past several months. You guys used to comment all the time. I know there was a lot of people, especially street artist (I know because they told me), who don't comment because there was so much negativity on this site and people would hate and make mean comments due to the "anonymous" option. However, there has to still be a lot of people checking and reading the comment section no? I mean, either there is or m&f is fibbing about how much traffic they get. Anyway, I'm just saying I miss the discourse and dialogue and wish it could make a comeback. Hopefully those of you who are silent can make an effort to start it up again. Ever since free stupidity was banned things have calmed down, which was and is a great thing (that they don't post about him and that some of the hate is gone).....but I'd love for you guys to start talking again. Seems like the only thing we get anymore is one comment on a random tagger or graffitti picture where someone wants to claim their piece or bash the guys running this thing by making a rude correction. I am going to look for a new site to be a part of because it just feels so empty here. I prefer this site because it covers all aspects of the game and is local to LA. The other sites are international artist for the most part so a. It's very impersonal and b. You ain't never gonna see your own work on there and c. A little snobby. Not all of us are at Gaia's superstar status and not all of us are good enough to be in snob clicks accepted by mr. Rushmore. Just hoping to hear more from folks. End of my rant. Stay up