Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little to the Left

New piece featuring an old school cat woman cut out.

Actually dig this piece, and the cut out shape of the woman.  That said, this piece deserves some kind of award for bad placement.  It is a thin woman who could have fit on either side of the art that was already there.  Instead it is placed on a crooked angle half covering two pieces from Free Humanity and a Burn One/Bankrupt Slut collab.  Also with a sticker from Lush Bunny over Free Humanity.  At least nothing messed with the Morley up above.

We've said it before on the blog and we will say it again--there are no bonus points awarded for capping over other art on the streets.  The goal is to make the streets look good, and when you cap, or half cap, it just looks bad.  And it risks your piece getting capped back in return.

Get up, just a little to the left~


  1. G - "BK Slut" and FH need to figure out what "cap" is. both are the pro's at cappin' LOL!! Looks like FH is upset over a 8x10 cap? The beauty of street is that should be refreshed with new works not the same tired ones. That cat woman is fresh and super retro! VERY COOL cut out! :)

  2. FH takes up every spot on melrose leaving no room for new artists with fresh ideas. He does not own melrose. Give some kids a chance!! He is gunna claim a whole wall for one little 8x10 piece. He gets paid big bucks for huge pieces all over l.a. He caps everyone who even gets close to his stuff. YOU DO NOT OWN THE STREET. L.A. is for L.A. artists go back to orange county free. LOCALS ONLY