Monday, August 27, 2012

Xvala Presents Bieberbot

Xvala presents the Bieberbot, made from stolen pieces taken from Justin Bieber's house.

You can read about Xvala's motivations for the piece in the press release below.

There is also a video accompanying the release from DJ Flula, which pretty much captures his thoughts surrounding the piece.

BieberBot” a life-size robot primarily constructed of Justin Bieber’s residential trash can and topped with a crate taken from Facebook headquarters’ cafeteria, was partially inspired by the YouTube conception of the pop star and the social media phenomenon that has ultimately transmuted cultures globally.

“Justin Bieber’s profile is a spawn of social media and cloning him would make his status widely accessible to the public,” said XVALA. “I want to create a monster with technology like Dr. Frankenstein and Google.”

XVALA created the “BieberBot” as his first Google App; a 3D induced application signifying the NEXT step in App Evolution and the loss of control of personal data.  The robot is coated with the same paparazzi-proof paint used on the pop star’s chrome Fisker Karma sports car that made headlines earlier this year.  The artist also salvaged and preserved the pop star’s personal trash from the trash can, to be part of several new pieces that will be disclosed later this week. 

“We make our trash public domain, not realizing that our trash defines us more than social media,” said XVALA. “I want to exploit what people can’t Google.”

“XVALA’s use of information and how he accesses it is commentary on how we give into the convenience of technology, but don’t realize how much we give away…or, throw away,” said Cory Allen. 

The “BieberBot” will debut as part of XVALA’s “Funny Games” show at AIS Editions on September 8th, 2012 at 8:00 PM in the Brewery Arts Complex at 642 Moulton Ave in Los Angeles, California.  


  1. This is so retarded and Fuken garbage.

    1. opinions are like assholes and you ^ are an asshole

  2. Go xvala! way to push more boundaries of fine art.

  3. I'm sorry, I don't get it. Is this like Marcel Duchamp or something?

  4. How is this art?? this guy needs a helmet. I also regret going to his "kardashian" show. What a loser.

  5. Sure beats anything FH does!