Friday, August 24, 2012

The Green Scene - Godfather OG

Wake and Bake M&Fers!
Get ready for bed.  This strain must be called Godfather OG because it buries you alive!

Godfather OG is a serious heavy hitting OG indica.  This is knock out stuff.  The effect is heady and immediate.  No two bowls necessary.  Get ready for bed.

The smell of Godfather OG is a deep pungent spicy smell--its what attracted us to the stuff in the first place.  Great taste and smokes well.  The only complaint is that this batch is extremely leggy.  Every nug has a decent sized stem leading up into the good stuff.  The good news, the good stuff is really good stuff~

M&F's Green Scene 'highly' recommends Godfather OG.  4.5/5 Nugs! 

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