Monday, August 27, 2012

Pics from National Go Topless Day - Venice Beach

Sunday was National Go Topless Day, so hope all the M&F's did some streaking!

Sunday was the National Go Topless Day at Venice Beach.  Sounds like a party, but really it was a strange mix of hippie chics wanting to get natural, and pervy dudes wanting to take pictures--far more of the latter.

Women should absolutely be allowed to go topless.  Americans have puritanical issues about sexuality, while Europe has no problems with nudity.  If this is the land of the free, how come chics can't even show tits?

In case you wondered, those aren't real nipples in the pics--since it is illegal to show boobage in Los Angeles those are nipple shaped pasties.

National Go Topless Day.  Support the Revolution.  Show Your Tits!

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