Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yard to Yard - Citywide Tour of Historical LA Graffiti Yards

IWUZHERE! is presenting a citywide tour of some historic Los Angeles graffiti yards called Yard to Yard. The yards are BELMONT TUNNEL PANIC ZONE L.A. RIVER PAN PACIFIC MELROSE ALLEYS MOTOR YARD VENICE PAVILION This Sunday September 2nd is the Venice Beach tour date. There will be more than a dozen graff writers from big name crews WCA, CBS, UTI, TITS, MTA, LOD and more. People are encouraged to bring black books and stickers for trade, take flicks of the guys painting and hang out with the artists and the DJ's performing at the set, led by DJ 1987 CBS Crew and the DJ DON CESAR from Pedro, who is part of the almighty SPB Crew, started by artist Jeremy Fish in the early 1990's. Sounds like a party. Don't be here on September 2nd, be there~ Full details can be found on the flyer.

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