Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eet Mor Cok at Chik-fil-A

Just sound it out.  Another street art swipe at Chik-fil-A's anti-gay stance.

Following up to Manny Castro's 'Tastes's Like Hate' stencil on a Chik-Fil-A store location in Torrance, a new stencil showed up at the corner of Melrose and La Brea, also riffing off the Chik-fil-A advertising campaign, with a cow holding a sign that says 'Eet Mor Cok'.

Jon Stewart's Daily Show recently did a segment with the cow image, although 'eat' is spelled differently.  Perhaps the Daily Show inspired the actual street piece.  Stewart pointed out that if a cow were to spell out the way it sounds, it sounds funny-- especially considering Chik-fil-A's bigoted stance against gays.

Not sure who the artist is? There is a stencil saying '30*90* Threads' next to it, so maybe they did it? This piece was painted on a random wall and not at an actual Chik-Fil-A location, and therefore probably won't receive the same level of attention.

So, remember that when you support Chik-fil-A, you are still eating cock, and it tastes like hate.

***Thanks to Lisa Cassandra for the pics and Daily Show story***

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  1. I love this stencil. This is a complex issues for me because though the owner openly supports anti gay rights it has not really had any history of unethical behavior in their workplace. If a chick fil a resturant in your town has to lay off employees is it fair to them? Also there is no real resolution to this, what is the owner going to do donate a bunch of money to pro gay rights organizations and everyone will forget?