Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chod & Teacher - Roving Church Finds a New Home on Melrose

Earlier, M&F posted pics of this custom made art church from Teacher and Chod in front of LACMA. Well, that was not the final resting spot for the Church of None of This is Real.  The 'Church' got moved to Melrose and Gardner, where it has found its final home.

Chod also sent over an explanation of the piece.  Chod says 'I use the phrase None Of This Is Real in several pieces. In some cases it can be metaphorical but in this case it's literal. The statement, when placed on a church and over the words of the Christian Bible is meant to illustrate the fact that both organized religion and every word of the Bible (or any other text on which any religion is based) are constructs created by us. There is no truth in any of it nor is there a god of any kind. None of this is real.'

Dig it.  Love how this piece hits on so many levels.  As a visual art piece, it is truly striking and impressive.  And Chod's explanation demonstrates how the the entire meaning was well conceived.

Click the jump for a HUGE 20+ pictorial, including close up shots of the background pasted Bible verses.

Stay up!

***Big thanks to John Wellington Ennis for all the people shots, and for kells_bells1_ru for the night time pics***

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  1. Another fine collaboration from 2 of this cities most prolific artists. We need to get this INSIDE LACMA. Gentlemen, whats next?!

    MOhamed S.