Thursday, September 26, 2013

Everybody Doesn't Beat Up Girls

Another paster from French street artist Combo's street campaign 'Everybody Smokes'.

This one features Chris Brown.  Why in the world would you feature someone like Chris Brown?  He's not the cool-James-Dean-type-bad-guy.  Chris Brown is the anti-role model.  Not everybody beats up girls . . .

Shit, M&F loves smoking marijuana.  But if Chris Brown does it, that's enough to make us want to stop.

Also notice how these posters from Combo are capping everything on the wall.  Yes, it was messy before.  But this is just pure disrespect.

LA has its own positive role models and street art.  And everybody is already smoking.  So when is Combo going back to France?


  1. Combo, no no!! Now, go go.

  2. I'd love to press my ass up against that wall after a cig and a 20 oz coffee and let'er blast. It would look way better covered in loose stools.