Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teacher & Chod - The Church of 'None of This is Real'

This Sunday, make good use of your time.  Don't go to traditional church.  That place is full of small minded haters.

Instead, come join Teacher and Chod at the Church of 'None of This is Real'.~  Its the only church M&F will be found worshipping at!

The God from the Bible says "Thou shall place no false idols before me", but this piece is worth worshipping.  Seriously, check this out!  This installation is a giant--large enough for a human to walk into.  This thing is solid, because it is made out of wood. And even though the walls look red, the under layer is composed of actual pages from the Bible.

These pictures have the Church situated in front of the light pole installation at LACMA. Why? Because this is true art.

Dig it.  Click the jump for more

1 comment:

  1. "None of this is real"
    I can't begin to describe how apropos those words are because that 'piece' isn't even real art.
    As a member of the art community, I can honestly say that this piece (of garbage) is not worth worshiping (the credentials for M&F are slipping in my book, to be honest).
    This is the kind of very surface-level, slap you in the face anti-establishment style 'art' (if you can call it art) which was waning 15 years ago because people were just being aimlessly provocative and called it 'art' in hopes to relieve accountability. Looks like this little 'innovation' was a decade or so late. But even back then, there were better 'pieces'.

    What ever happened to conveying VALUE through naked truth. And what ever happened to CHALLENGING the interpreter to view themselves?

    This is just a beat, unoriginal take on an old and tired subject. Slap some paint on a couple bible pages to make it 'edgy' and then- Bang a gong, everyone, we have art!

    Sigh... people just don't dream anymore....