Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eh, Maybe a Little Less Permanent and Prominent

Getting up on the streets is all about finding your groove in a crazy scene.  There are no rules, but there are certain ways of doing things.  It is said there is a code of conduct among thieves.  Well, vandals have their own set of unofficial rules.

One is that you don't cap over something.  And another less common rule might be -- don't plaster permanent shit on buildings.  At least not when you are starting out.

Like here.  First of all, props to anyone who is doing art, but there is a difference between street art and elementary art.  This looks like a play-doh project from 2nd grade--that now got permanently affixed to this wall on Melrose.  Sure, going over tags is poor form, but in the long run, even if this wall gets buffed, the clay is much harder to get off.

M&F has always been a fan of anyone getting up, but also a supporter of doing it the right way. Sure, there is a place for this whale. There is a place for everything.  Find your groove.  But it is not here, on this wall.  Maybe a back alley, or a quaint little corner. Then it would be charming, instead of annoying.

Stay up~

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