Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LA is Ready for Banksy's Art Show!

Yesterday, M&F covered how the home page of Banksy's website has been changed to show a new stencil piece and the vague title 'Better Outside Than In - October 2013'.

Today, there are new pasters on the streets of LA announcing an October Art show from Banksy.

Although it still has not been officially announced when, where, or exactly what the website is referring to, the internet is abuzz with speculation, and most folks are speculating that Banksy's show is coming to LA.

To be clear, these are not official announcements, or anything even from Banksy.  These posters are a sign that LA is ready for Banksy's art show!

Can't wait for more info, but LA is ready with fingers crossed and pasters pasted!

***Big thanks to Ann for sending in this picture!***


  1. On La Brea and 2nd, there's the one that says "BANKSY OCTOBER 2013" but another one that says "ART SHOW NOVEMBER 23."