Monday, September 23, 2013

Everybody DOES Love to Smoke . . .

Everybody does love to smoke . . . but not everybody loves the placement of these new pasters from French street artist Combo.

The pasters are a series of celebrity themed pictures from Combo entitled 'Everybody Smokes' and showing famous people--and famous cartoons, smoking marijuana.

Yes, everybody does love to smoke.  But LA has a lot of respect on the streets.  And the way that Combo has put up the pasters has really stepped on a lot of toes.

Like here.  Combo caps over multiple small but beautiful hand painted pieces from LA stalwarts There She Is and You Killed Me First.

Dig the theme, don't dig the placement.  This is actually on the back side of an ebox on Melrose, because most of the ones on the street have been defaced and/or scratched down by now, by artists on the streets, not the buffman.

Click the jump for more pics.

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