Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Call to Los Angeles - Anyone Know Where This Is?

During Banksy's last run through Los Angeles in 2011, all the foot soldiers and Banksy Hunters helped track down Banksy's new pieces almost immediately, and sometimes even before Banksy even announced the pieces on his website.

So, if this piece is in Los Angeles, where is it?

The lighting sure looks like LA.  It could be a sidewalk or an alleyway, but either way, it looks too clean for Hollywood or downtown.  If M&F had to guess, maybe the Westwood area?  (which is also where Banksy's first piece in 2011 went up, the awesome Crayon Soldier).

Anyone spot this on the streets?  Anyone . . . .


  1. Its def LA, I have seen that graff before, same style of writing...font, if you will. My guess mid-town.

  2. It has to be in a north/south alley on a west facing wall, most likely a business as it looks like it's on a blocked up doorway. It's also on a stucco building, so that really narrows it down.

  3. It's not LA; it's New York :(