Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Street Art That Get's Taken Doesn't Always Get Sold

A few days ago, M&F posted a feature on how one of Chod's street art signs got taken from the streets only to reappear for sale on Ebay.

Well, not all street art that gets taken is for financial gain.  Some folks actually take art because they enjoy it~

Like this piece here.  Teacher put this massive 'You Can Do It - Teach Peace' wooden structure on Melrose a few weeks ago.  It got taken a short time after being put up.  And through the modern magic of social media, Teacher's piece has been tracked down.

It is reportedly hanging in a home that has been described as 'Museum of Chill'.  The new owners love this new piece where it is on display in their home, and they say that Teacher's message provides the perfect environment to raise their 3 year old twins.

Dig it~


  1. Love Teachers art! I was also fortunate enough to harvest a piece that was part of a recent scavenger hunt that he launched. The spray can in black with the gold dove is displayed next to a spray can by Phobik that was won during the Lucky13 scavenger hunt earlier this year........

    Thanks for your generosity guys, and keep up the prolific and engaging work.

    Mohamed S.

  2. Hanging? Looks more like leaning against the wall to me, they better secure that thing before their 3 year old twins have an accident with that piece!!

  3. thanks for the kind words Mohamed!