Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures of LA from an Airplane - This City is Amazing!

Another segment in M&F's ongoing series Livin' in LA - Vacation in LA~

Here are some awesome aerial pictures of Los Angeles.  These shots were taken from an airplane as M&F was leaving the city to go on vacation, and they really capture a different side of the city, and how LA is an urban jungle nestled into a fabulous, and rather stunning natural environment.

Like this pic above--it captures a gorgeous lake tucked away in the Hollywood Hills.  You can see the rows of big buildings in the background, but take a moment and imagine this environment with no structures of any kind.  This natural environment would be pretty enough to earn the cover of National Geographic.

LA is a beautiful place, and even though she has many different looks, each one is flattering and incredible in its own right.

Click the link to check out more pics of LA from the sky down

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