Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"There are Plenty of These Stupid Spots All Over the City"

While spending a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon cruising the city and taking pictures of all its amazing art, on this particular day, M&F happened to encounter 2 different photo shoots using street art and/or graffiti as a background.

This is not unusual.  Most days there will be someone posing in front of any big mural, and that speaks to the art.  Everything from fashion shoots (like the one above) to photo shoots (like the one below) likes to utilize the streets for their background.  However, do these people always understand and appreciate the street art and graffiti they are using?

In general, not really.  This point was driven home when the model from the above shoot suggested hitting another location, and photographer responded "Let's do it! There are plenty of these stupid places around here!"

The disrespect the photographer showed demonstrates how most folks really feel about it.  Sure, they want to use the art as background but they don't give a shit about the art itself.  The art is just 'background'.

M&F has long been established as the most street of any street art blog anywhere.  We pledge to you that graffiti and street art will never be 'background'.  This is the most vital art movement the world has ever seen, and it will continue on unabated with or without 'stupid' fashion shoots or the photogs.  They are just trying to clutch at the fame that this genre is creating for itself.

Fuck the half-hearts and the luke-warms.  Street art is never background here.  M&F has the heart and soul of LA's street scene down for the true artists.  Maybe it should become our new motto, but when your back is against the wall, M&F has your back~.

Stay up, Los Angeles!


  1. I agree, well said mate. Even in the galleries where most people still dont give one sh@t about the art or what extremes were neccacary for the artist to go through to produce work of substace. Ultimately as a artist you must paint for yourself, when you are influenced by the critics and the wine poachers your through.

  2. Yea man it's Neccacarry! Ya know