Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ANOTHER Boston Bombing Suspect Killed By Police

M&F has already posted a featured on how the Boston Marathon Bombing appears to be a false flag attack by the US Government.  In that story, we mentioned how frightening it is that the two brothers who were taken into custody were alive when brought in, however next time they were seen, one brother was dead and his body had been ripped apart, and the other brother had been shot at close range through the back of throat.

Well, the US Government has now killed another suspect.  Major news networks are reporting that Ibragim Todashev was shot and killed by the FBI while being interrogated.   So the police have now killed two of the Boston Bombing suspects and shot a third through the throat.

What is going on here?!

If the suspects are guilty, quit killing them and put them on trial.  Otherwise, it seems like the government is trying to kill the story, instead of get to the bottom of it.

America used to pride itself as being a country of law with a system that elevated itself from the savage practices of anger retribution and there were checks and balances were helped protect against abusive government actions.

Even though the Boston Bombing has nothing to do with street art, as an alternative news source M&F felt compelled to put the relevant information out there and we called out the mainstream media for failing to do its job and check into the government stories, not just report them verbatim.  But since that time, the DOJ has become mired in a major scandal where the US Governement has got busted for spying on its own press.  The NY Times is saying that Obama is 'threatening the fundamental freedoms of the press' . Perhaps this, the Paypal 14, Aaron Swartz, and the crackdown on whistleblower leaks, is why major news networks are terrified to report the truth.

Watch out, America. We are in danger of becoming one of those authoritarian police states we used to warn against where the government abuses run rampant, and there is no free press to help the people.

Wake up America.  This is our country, and the government injustices won't keep happening if we don't stand for it.


  1. If you're going to post opinions on something like this, at least post some facts or stay away from posting false information.
    One of the suspects was run over by his brother. He not taken into custody and then killed nor ripped apart as you have stated.
    If any of that were true, with their ever present hunger for sensationalism, the news media would be all over it.
    The killing of this third person is a bit odd and we'll have to wait to find out just what happened. And that information won't be entirely from the government.

    1. ^your information is old and wrong. The police first said the suspect was run over by his brother, but he was shown walking into police custody. Just look at the first article to see pictures of the body ripped apart.

      I'm not sure what to think but thanks for posting this information

  2. really M&F?

    Did you ever stop and think that the naked man in handcuffs wasn't the suspect and was let go. BEACUSE that's what happened. Just because you see a man in handcuffs does NOT mean he is under arrest. He WAS let go and WAS NOT a bombing suspect. The CNN cameraman that recorded the naked man even said he witnessed the man be LET GO after being questioned.

    Keep smoking the weed and talking shit on the Country that lets you smoke weed and talk shit on them.


    GO USA!

  3. GO USA!

    but, M&F are still right..