Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snyder - Get Up Too Much?

Snyder is a prolific artist who shares his artwork all over the streets of his hometown of Carlsbad. M&F has visited Carlsbad, and Snyder's omnipresent art is everywhere, from stickers to murals around town.

Most street artists would consider this level of getting up a success, and Snyder does too, however, because Snyder gets up so much, that for the moment, it seems to have worked against him.

Snyder reports that 'The New Village Arts Theatre and the San Diego Charitable Foundation just worked together on securing a large grant that ultimately financed artists to paint murals in the Carlsbad Village. I was asked to submit a design. I was chosen as a finalist, but later removed from the project. Apparently someone on the committee thought I already have enough art in the Village and my space was given to another.

I figured there was only one way to react... and that was with more art! Here is the first of a series of new murals titled 'Doodle's Imagination'. This one, like the others to follow, is directly in the heart of the village... and financed and organized completely by Snyder Art.'

Dig it.  You can't keep a good street artist down, and love Snyder's response to the nay-sayers by putting a brand new mural smack in the center of town.

On another level, also love the deeper symbolism behind Snyder's mural.  The way that this painting shows Snyder's signature character Doodle pulling back the two-tone canvas to reveal a lustrous sky scape behind, it demonstrates how artists make life more colorful.

If you also love the art, you grab a sweet piece of art yourself and help out a hustling artist by picking up one of Snyder's limited edition prints HERE.

Stay up and keep Doodlin'!~

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