Friday, May 31, 2013

God Gets Up, Satan Buffs

One of Obey's pro-gun control wheat paste posters got 'censored' by some street buffing.

This buffing was not done by a city worker but by someone familiar with the street art world, who obviously doesn't want this idea to get out.  Only the NRA up top, and the message down below has been scratched off.  Its funny how there are so many street art pieces all over featuring violent images, or guns, yet those never get messed with.  Why is gun and violent imagery okay? But saying we should control guns is somehow threatening?  It is a strange world . . .

Guess this is just an example of how God gets up trying to spread the good message, while Satan runs the buff.

Click the jump for a closer look at Satan's work.  If you want to see what the full original piece looked like, check it out HERE

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