Thursday, May 23, 2013

MELROSEandFAIRFAX - 3 Year Anniversary - The Bible of LA Street Art

Today, MELROSEandFAIRFAX is proud to celebrate our 3 Year Anniversary!

In that time, M&F has built itself a powerhouse of LA street art.  We have taken the local neighborhood art, shared it with the world, and helped define this growing and ever-morphing genre.

Perhaps one the blog's proudest accomplishments has been the influence that the blog has reached.  In fact, many times, people have dubbed MELROSEandFAIRFAX 'the Bible' of LA street art.  Its a funny comparison, because M&F feels that the free thinking paradigm we promote is the antithesis of religion.

However, we do understand the meaning behind the saying, and it really means a lot to us.  M&F is the first place to check the hottest street art, and the final place to get the last word in the community.     Like the Bible, we have tried to navigate the vague morals of the streets and helped disseminate a code of ethics for the streets.  While we hope M&F itself never gets confused with the Bible, M&F has served to define street art in Los Angeles.

Its been a long, sometimes rocky, but hugely rewarding road.  M&F is proud be the unholy voice shouting to promote outsider's art outside and carry the spirit of street art, the biggest art movement the world has ever realized.

A huge 'THANK YOU' to all the contributors, artists, fans, photographers and street art lovers who support MELROSEandFAIRFAX and street art in this beautiful city of angels.

Stay Up, Los Angeles~

***Enjoy the pics of Teacher's awesome 'Street Arts District' sign at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax***


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Love the site, love the art!

  2. happy anniversary!!! thank you for doing what you do for free!! this is the only place where i can get honest anonymous feedback on my artwork as well as others artwork which has helped me to continue to learn, develop, and grow. cheers! to many more anniversaries!!


  3. dope. enjoy the art. enjoy the commentary. maximum respect!

  4. A late and stoned congrats to M&F!!!!!! :)