Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Street Art Tagged, and Brought Back to the Streets as Street Art

Here is another paster from To Be Determined.  This one also fucks with perspective, but in a street art way, not necessarily spatially.

What happened with this piece is that an original photo paster was placed on Sunset last year by TBD.  Some time later the poster must have got tagged with a yellow tag from BSKI(?) and also reppin JDS.  Then, it seems that TBD took another photo of that street piece with the tag, printed out a new poster with it on there, capped over it with TBD's own tag, and then placed it at a new location.

Definitely something unique that has not been seen before on the streets.

Getting dumped with Areu Oner, 455er, Borat, The Secret, Gat, Thrashbird, Motel PSA EPC HDS and more.

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