Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bird Houses for the Homeless

Fascinating street art project from New York based artist, Xam.

Xam has made a name placing pimped out bird houses on the streets of New York and Los Angeles, and with his latest piece, Xam gives a nod back to humans with what is essentially a bird house for the homeless. Xam's project is called 'Bank Owned'.

Not only does Xam's street piece seem to be enjoyed, but it has had a new tenant move in. The new resident liked the piece so well that he even moved the piece to a new location. It was originally place at the corner of San Pedro and 7th, and now the home has been moved to San Julian and 6th.

Cool piece. And perhaps this partially helps balance out what happened after Banksy's 'This Looks a Bit Like An Elephant' was removed and a squatter subsequently lost his home. Street art takes away, and street art gives back.

Dig it. Stay up and stay inhabited~