Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video Scavenger Hunt

An online video scavenger hunt with a chance to win stickers from one of the hottest street artists in LA!

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PAY 2 PLAY is hosting an online video scavenger hunt. The first 10 people to identify the 2 street artists featured in the video will win stickers from those artists plus a DVD of FREE FOR ALL!, predecessor to PAY 2 PLAY.

We can't give away who the artists are, but here's a hint--one of the artists is one of the biggest names in LA, and the world from the street art. His work is difficult to get, and M&F has never hosted a scavenger hunt with either artist before.

Also very cool how this hunt uses something fun like street art, to engage and educate people about Citizens United (which was the recent Supreme Court decision that corporations are people, too).

The first 10 PEOPLE to identify the artists win. After you identify the artists, to claim your prize, E-Mail the artist names to: ennisATshootfirstincDOTcom

The contest is completely free and the mail postage will be paid for.

Happy online hunting!