Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get Up! Get, Get, Get Down! (pt. 1/2)

Teacher composed another impressive miniature mock building, and invited some fellow street artists to come over and get down on it.

Once again, amazing craftsmanship from Teacher, and very cool to see the community coming together on these projects. Its something like a mini-Art Show 2011.

Joined with art from LA_blue, Cali Love, Idle, and Pork.

Dig it. Stay up~


  1. and the homie TRiX who made the side of the mini building incredible with that hand made sticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! handlin my dude!


  2. big thanks also to Sprout and Trix. its kinda hard to see, but in the second pic, Trix is standing up bent over freehand drawing practically upside down! this guy has got amazing talent! thanks again guys for all your efforts and great company! this piece is almost done now - few more pieces to come.

  3. Sprouts taught me how to get up, now I get down and side ways and thanx to LAblue and Teach I'm gunna stay up.

  4. who are all these people

  5. I'll tell you who they are, a bunch of sexy ass mo fuckers! haha