Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Humanity - Livin the Dream

New word based stencil from Free Humanity. It says 'Life is a Dream Come True'.

***Thanks to Listak for the photos. Really dig the first one***


  1. no, Biter, as in, this guy is always copying other peoples art and passing it as his own. As corny as this is, its just a spin-off of MBWs "Life Is Beautiful". Why would you even come close to what everyone knows is MBW. Lame.

    1. And Mr. Brainwash directly lifted Life is Beautiful, verbatim, from the film of the same name.

      So what you seem to be insinuating is that since another artist used the word "Life" and used a couple of other words to convey a positive message - he is then in turn, copying another artist?

      I suppose the screenwriter of Life is Beautiful copied every other author, writer, artist, or fucking Hallmark greeting card that has ever put out a positive message...

      I suggest going out and creating something. It's pretty fun. After all...Life is Beautiful.

      Filmmaker Jim Jarmusch once stated:

      "“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.”

    2. well said THEFL!!!

  2. Taking a book title, movie, tv show title, etc is fine. Thats not street art, so if you turn it into street art, then it becomes YOU that did it first. Thats not so much copying. Thats taking something from the book or tv culture, and turning it street. Almost every artist in street art is doing that. No problem.
    But FH is an LA artist, copying another LA artist. Thats lame. Well, FH is lame so not a surprise. He copies Obey all the time as well.

    1. Ohhhhh ok. That's a cute little self contained and shortsighted view on art inspiration and placement.

      Duder...if you think that anything that is put out there or created on the street is 100% unique and organic and not an amalgamtion from the creators day to day experiences, pooled from their conscious or subconscious, then you have a pretty petty perspective. Hey...but its yours to own and marinate on and tear down what you believe to be disingenuous and unoriginal art...all the while championing artists like MBW and Obey - yet ignorantly disregarding their inspirations , as they have pulled from existing historical street art examples such as Warhol and old propaganda posters.

      Dude...just create. It's simple. Create. Change the view or provide something to just one person, even if that one person is yourself and your piece did its job...

  3. The quote comes from
    Legendary Sk8r Tom Penny
    he came up with it, i said that should be on the streets
    he said, it should
    so now it is

    p.s no reason arguing with 13 year olds on the web
    best just to live and create
    Love & Peace

  4. Ha, love that FH gets told what should be in the streets. The guy is clueless for real.

  5. Inspiration seems much different than being told what to do
    and this piece is very inspirational
    Thank you for sharing with the world Free Humanity

  6. Jim Jaramusch is the shit! That quote is the best. Fuck the haters, make your statement, trying to be "original" is like trying to shit a diamond. Wear a tin foil hat!

  7. how can some of you guys turn something so positive into negative? stop being dicks. if you dont like it, ignore it and move on.

  8. Ok, lets get this straight. He hits the same stupid wall a week ago with some dumb quote. The building owner paints over it and he hits it again with another dumb quote. How is this helping to Free Humanity again? His "mission" is lame, he's a fucking hack job trying to spew love, when really all he does is hates.

  9. He must live right there, those few blocks are covered with his stuff!

  10. all of l.a and hollywood are covered with his stuff

  11. Spreading conscious messages and art is a noble thing
    I feel your words Free Humanity
    Never Stop please
    Dante P.