Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get Up! Get, Get, Get Down! (pt. 2/2)

Finished pics of the building. These stickers were put up by Teacher, LA_blue, Cali Love, Trix, Sprouts and Idle, and all these artists are up on it. And there are also slaps from Common Cents, Pork, Bankrupt Slut, Muse, Herbert the Hippo, and a few more.

For those who recognize it, the miniature building is the building across from De La Barracuda which is generally filled with street art. Teacher even went so far as to replicate a tiny version of Subtle's 'Scene Flooded' sign, which is still riding on the building itself--and has been for almost a year.

Impressive stuff. Stay up!


  1. not done just yet. i'm almost finished with the billboard - its a simple one but took forever to do. i've also added the ledge on top of the building that i didn't see until looking at a birds eye view on google maps a bit closer. more soon.

  2. Ill teach. . . attention to detail is what will get'em! Keep killin it bro... L2B