Monday, January 30, 2012

Building Hopes and Dreams on Melrose and Fairfax

This interesting 3d building structure showed up on top of the electrical box right at the corner of Melrose and Fairfax.

It looks to be a miniature building with signs on either side saying 'Hopes' on one, and 'Dreams' on the other.

Cool piece. Not sure if this was inspired by Teacher's recent miniature projects. Or this could possibly be from Xam as another one of his bird homes. Or something different altogether!

Stay up and keep building~


  1. So bomb!!! I spotted 5 of them all over melrose.

  2. sooooooo coool!!!!! love it!! who did it?!! keep 'em comin!!!!

  3. Really, 5 of them? Where? Are they still there?