Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wake 'N Bake! - The Green Scene

Mix and match 1/8's!? The need for better regulation.

This is an 1/8 of 'Mini OG' that we recently picked up at a local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. However, there is a rogue nugget of some red haired stuff in there, as you can see.

This is not the first time that a mistake like this has happened. Don't know if this was done intentionally to try and get rid of a strand that wasn't selling as well, or if it was perhaps just an honest mistake, but this different nugget of red haired green stands out like a red headed step child!

The last thing we need is government officials getting all up in the business of local weed stores. In or opinion, the best regulation is legalization. Right now, with the fuzzyness in the laws about what is legal and what is not legal, it is the consumer who gets punished. In this current market, a bad item can't be returned to the store, and if you try you are made to feel like some sort a criminal, not a license carrying patient. If marijuana were legal, it would be regulated through the free market and treated as a true commodity. Vendors would be much more careful with the product because if they weren't, consumers would just go elsewhere. Legalize~

As for the weed, Mini OG packs a big punch. The nuggets are small but thick and heavy with crystals. They are a sweetly crunchy as you break them up. Not a whole lot of taste when smoked, but a powerful effect will kick minutes later. Mini OG is a definite heavy hitter and an Indica. Just wish the nugs were bigger.

As for the red haired nug, it tasted like burnt wood and had no effect. Blah.

We rate the Mini OG 4/5 an the Red Hair Rogue Nug 1/5.


  1. FYI been growing 10 years plus og is a marketing term used
    To jack prices

    Just loOk for pure nl and master Kush
    Or jack herer

    If you want a true OG blue dream

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