Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chod - Street Art Sign For Sale on Ebay

Chod's tagline is 'None Of This Is Real'.  But one of Chod's sign's taken from the street is really for sale on ebay for a hefty price tag.

One of Chod's signs is currently for sale by Ebay seller Printed Art Gallery for $2,499.99.  Or better offer~

With his work itself, Chod enjoys playing around with the arbitrary value that humans assign to money, and no doubt this episode is entertaining, and furthers that very theme.The ebay asking price price might seem crazy, and really it is for something taken off the streets.  On the other hand, $2500 is not an expensive price for a gallery piece.  And in that light, shouldn't an authentic 'street' street art piece be worth more than a canvas gallery piece?

The history on this piece is that about a month and a half ago Chod got up all over Melrose with official looking sings.  You can check out M&F's original post covering Chod's signage HERE.

From what we heard, Chod's signs were taken down within a couple of days, and we got word that one person harvested most, if not all of the dozen+ that were placed on the street.  The signs were not heard from again . . . until now.

M&F has always maintained that street art collecting for the right purposes can be okay and a temporary piece can be given a new longer life by a collector, but there is something wrong about taking every single piece of street art down off the streets, and then trying to hawk those free pieces for thousands of dollars.  It doesn't feel right.  Its like robbing the community for personal gain.  Also notice that the last photo listed on the Ebay auction listing appears to be the exact same photo stolen from M&F's original story.  Stealing art, and photos?  Hmmm. . . .

Interesting scenario.  What do folks think?  Is it, as the ad next to the Ebay sale says, 'A Very Big Deal?'


  1. Chod's buddy removed them. (insider info.)

  2. Not surprised. Create your own hype and get paid from it. Guess like Chod says none of this is real.

  3. Only Chod would pay himself that much for his own art. That's his friends account.


  4. True, but tacky and rather transparent in character.

  5. annie preece took them, duh (insider info.)

  6. He should change his name to FROD, but I'm sure it's already taken.