Friday, May 17, 2013

Livin in LA - Vacation at the Bentley Hotel South Beach

The Bentley Hotel was by far and away M&F's favorite hotel that we vacationed at in South Beach.

As if it was a sign of good times to be on the sign, there was a sticker from The Good Life out front on the Valet sign out front of the Bentley.  Inside, the open spaces and accommodations were absolutely luxurious.  Everything was absolutely plush, and polished, and just about perfect.  We especially loved how each room had its own private deck.

The hotel location couldn't have been better, located in the heart of South Beach, and right across the street from the beach itself.  Our room did not have an ocean view, but the lobby offered some picturesque viewing.  Meanwhile, M&F did get entertained by a homeless man jacking off in public with baby oil.  It was horrifically hilarious.

M&F is still dreaming about the day when we get a chance to return to the Bentley Hotel in South Beach.  If you get a chance to visit Miami, we highly recommend staying here.

Pics of all this--and more from M&F's vacation at the Bentley Hotel South Beach down below.

^Beach view from the lobby.

^Lobby art.  Love these ocean paintings for some reason.

^The room itself.  Everything you might need.  Loved it.

^And the bed itself was so comfortable. . . . Ahhhhhh. . .

^The view from one window.

^And the masturbation entertainment at the other balcony.  This dude went at it for a full 15 minutes or so.  It really was hilarious, but also remember you never know who's watching!

^The rooftop deck at the Bentley.

^No one was at the pool on this gray day, so it was like a private rooftop party.  Dig it~

^G-string decorations.  LOVE Miami, and LOVE the Bentley Hotel South Beach~

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