Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Pics of Graffiti Wall Gettin Covered

More shots of this incredible graffiti mural meeting a slow death under some Congo themed posters.

This seems ridculous because what's the point? Sure, you have a message and you want to put it out there, but as a group wanting to help support people in a country in Africa, what does putting a giant advert in the arts district of a city in America accomplish? Nothing, except for the people who did something to feel that they did something. But the only thing that was done was the covering up of a poster with some lame advert. As someone said, "they seem to have a lot of passion but no real understanding of the neighborhood". Exactly. And, geez. Buy some advertising on PBS and get off the streets.

This piece also comes at a particularly stark time, because the city is currently rewriting the code on murals, and this seems to what is not needed-giant unsanctioned advertisements-it is an advertisement, no matter how worthy the cause.

If there is a silver lining its that there might be a new mural to look forward to going up at this spot.

***Thanks to Travis for sending in the pictures***


  1. wheat pasting is going to shit.. look at all these cooks/posers doing it now like this group and DTA, ect.. c'mon, atleast do a clean job.. that looks like shit.

  2. A friend of mine called the organization in charge, "Falling Whistles". They were rude and their response to us asking to take it down was: "Well, if we can handle rebels in the Congo, this isn't really a big deal"

    Anyone can call, they are asking for responses from the community: (310) 455-6154

  3. dabs,mlya,rime youve been called upon again incase these pasters cant come down in peace, whats next!! the risk and the mr. cartoon!!?!?! support your local art in the streets always and forever, not this MHB bullshit

    (mhb= money,hungry,bitches)


  4. i don't like those people. any of them.

  5. Sorry...but I could give a shit about the Congo. We need to wake the fuck up as a people in this country. This mural is an analogy of of what is going on in this country. We divert our attention everywhere and anywhere to help, except where we should focus most. Right in front of you, here, now.

    We live under the guise of comfort and the tired ideals of freedom. We are in the trappings of a sophisticated police state and those ideals of freedom have been dying a slow death. It is not as stark in contrast to many places in the world where the control is obvious.... "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist."

    Let this wall get stripped of these posters. Let the art ride. Let the artists of Los Angeles continue to speak freely and inspire freedom through color and.movement.


  6. amen THEFL!!!

  7. You guys are real fucking morons sometimes. Who are you to say that might not someone trigger something in someone and make a difference? Are you saying if youre not going to put it on pbs its not worth a crap? What about wheat pasters with political messages? Should they quit and just advertise on pbs? I'm really pissed they put it over this beautiful piece. I got to meet Dabs & Myla as they were working on this, but your statement was ignorant as ish. You guys really need to work on your writing.

  8. @ Birdman... If they can handle rebels in the congo... Apparently the problem is they can not handle rebels in the congo. Such a joke.

  9. some very awesome art getting killed :/

  10. Congo.. the latest trend in LA amongst the trust fund hipsters. "Daddy, i want to go to Africa, NOWWWWW!!!" LOL.. and i am 100% sure non of those fools dealt with any rebels in Congo. they cant even put up posters straight.

  11. they're message is "be a whistle blower"? thats all i need to hear. after reading their bio's i am sure these people are pretty fucking annoying to hang out with. hollywood types, hollywood bullshit. i love LA, i fucking hate hollywood.

  12. They have a great website...that's it. It's a completely branded campaign that produces a hipster whistle in different varieties. The common posts on their Facebook pages are people inquiring what color the whistles come in and if they are scratch resistant.

    Rebels in the Congo will lace the shit out of these motherfuckers machetes...please...go to the Congo and blow whistles.

    Don't get me's a tragic's's also a job for a UN Peacekeeping Special Forces wing...not Silverlake hipsters from afar wearing whistles as trendy jewelry designer pieces...too self-conscious to blow them...want to put those whistles to good use? Blow them the next time your friends and family are being raped by OUR archaic political system here in the States.

    Sorry...this shit bothers me and that's my issue.

  13. THEFL said everything I wanted to say. Well said I might add.

    Before we start telling other people what to do we need to get our own house in order. The shit is going to start hitting the fan. Maybe if we stopped spending billions on a fake war and bailing out failed and corrupt corporations we would have the time and energy to help the people that need it. In all honesty, I would have been fine with this capping of that amazing mural if it was geared towards the us gov., cooperation's, or wall street.

    They could start with all those homes people right down the street from that mural.