Friday, February 22, 2013

All the Girls Love Malt Liquor

All the Girls Love Earl puts up some speech bubble signs saying the artist's name on a Melrose bus bench.

Joined by a modified postal sticker from Em 65 hawking Mawlt Likka.

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  1. I've never quite understood earls overall message. I mean, I've read his story and I see his work everywhere but don't quite get the whole meaning with the fictional character ladies man thing. Always large and one of the best at choosing placements so I've always admired him for that. I'm curious to ask earl a question: you resemble or relate to earl? I mean, you, as a real person, versus the character earl? Is it an alter ego? What inspires you as the artist to stick with the story line? Does earl the character ever help you as the artist in real life with the ladies? What do they think when they find out about earl? Anyway, stay up! Love your work.